What’s does Pain2Play signify? Healing from emotional pain is really no different than healing from physical pain. The pattern is the same. Picture a small child falling down on the sidewalk and skinning their knee. They instantly recognize their pain and tears ensue. Then a parent or caregiver runs to them and comforts their pain, sometimes applying a band aid… but often just love and compassion. Once the child has been comforted, they start to squirm in their parent’s arms and want to immediately return to playing. Some people reason that adults play and laugh less than children, because it is just part of growing up. I don’t think it is meant to be this way. I think the reason for this is because we become stuck in our pain and are unable to return to play. In Matthew 18:3, Jesus calls us to return and become like children. I think part of His message is to call us back to play, because without play, we will not see nor enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, the healing journey for all of us looks just like it does for the child with the skinned knee: recognize our pain, receive comfort, and go play!

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Remote Control Exercise – A Personal Example

Remote Control Exercise – A Personal Example In my last blog post, I introduced a process called the Remote Control Exercise. This exercise was created by an emotional health specialist named Laura Duncan to help people connect with their emotions, identify the root of their triggered reactions, and ultimately to

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I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and it is there that a love for agriculture was born. I went on to purse a degree in agriculture and ultimately a career. This career introduced me to my most amazing wife, Krystal. We were married in 2003, and are the proud parents of four wonderful girls: Haley, Alexis, Addison and Larissa. Adoption is a major theme in our family. I adopted three of our girls and Krystal adopted one (it’s a long, but very good story…. I hope to share it with you
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