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About Me - Brian FreiseI grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and it is there that a love for agriculture was born. I went on to purse a degree in agriculture and ultimately a career. This career introduced me to my most amazing wife, Krystal. We were married in 2003, and are the proud parents of four wonderful girls: Haley, Alexis, Addison and Larissa. Adoption is a major theme in our family. I adopted three of our girls and Krystal adopted one (it’s a long, but very good story….I hope to share it with you sometime😊).

In 2018, I experienced a debilitating health condition. I could describe it as a nervous breakdown, an emotional meltdown, a mental health crisis, any of those will work. But I have come to know this event as my “Great Awakening.” I chose this name because, I was awakened to something that had been wrong for a very long time. This issue revealed itself in a very powerful and dramatic way and it was a seismic moment that has forever changed me. I am not sharing my journey toward emotional health from the standpoint of having “arrived,” or as one who has mastered something. I am simply sharing with you a journey of personal discovery and healing that I am on, that will continue throughout my lifetime. This journey is about learning to know and love who I am. It is about learning to separate my behaviors from my identity. It’s about learning to embrace, hold, and love the REAL me. Sharing my story and my many learnings is part of my healing journey, and it is my hope that it will encourage you to begin one of your own. If you live on planet earth, you have encountered great emotional pain. It is an inescapable part of human existence. We can either run from our pain or learn to comfort and heal it. The purpose of this blog is to help and encourage you not to run, but rather to learn to comfort and heal.

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